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I'll try to get it ready in this weekend. For beta testing at least, then I'll fix whatever problems there are along the way.
U bag Angay
Yea ok if they also beat the next bot then I will do that.
We talk about it all the time but I deleted it, it got too much. This forum should be about other things as well even though its awesome !
Haakis wrote:I know, I just can't change it

Damn I understand what you say now. You have to scroll right, then theres a buttong called "delete" for each key.
You dont use backspace to delete (beacuse what if you wanted to use backspace in the game ?).
Hop hop
Remember to send demo of game.
Get online nao !
Hello and welcome to the World Of OB.
Next time you will receive 54379523 losses on your record.
Game doesnt work on mac..
1) Andrey
2) Tomasz Adamek
3) Brute
4) Tiger1
5) ?
I was going to make a singleplayer like that. Maybe it fits well for multiplayer as well.
Many of them are already being implemented (working on skins right now). About different skills/strengths..that's a difficult one because nobody wants to fight with a handicap.
If that was to be implemented I thought you would need a "career" mode. A career lasts a few weeks/months. You get older/slower etc. You would start out with some strengths/weaknesses that you could improve on over time.
Then after an "era" is completed, you can see who had the best careers..
One could implement "retirements" where you waste precious time, but also recover your body.
For example, "oldest" champ etc. Most title defenses...so you would have a boxer, managed by your username..when that boxer "retires" you can start a new one.
Old mode, just fighting against everyone with a username, would exists alongside the "career" mode.
Yea same for all training fights. Thanks for telling me. I'll fix it in next update.
Well I would like to make a new website for the game. Based on Wordpress. That might be something ?
1) Thomas Adamek ("Im tired")
2) Andrey ("I go play other game sorry")
I will destroy you Andrey !
Wimp is a bot I'm sure he will forgive you
Its just the message or does the fight not start at all ?
Yes I'm sure there is a defense but the game should not be only about you throwing right uppercuts and me defending against it.
I've put something together that might solve it.
Updates today:
* Ratings fixed, only people on the right level are shown in ratings.
Updated today :

* You can now save fights with illegal file characters like Artur "Szpila" Szpilka (the "" is illegal").
* Saved fight will include the result, like "[Fight] Brute KOed Rontti in one".
* When setting something, like camerangle or number of shadows, it is saved correctly.
* Popup that asks you if you really want to leave a fight.

Small stuff but was getting annoying.
Thought it might be a good idea to post here what was updated.

New name added: manny pacquiao
You can play this game using Wine. Post in this thread if you have questions.
U are dreaming. Look at the fight again.
Rontti wrote:Good point, i have noticed same thing Candy Andy

What are you talking about ? I see plenty of punches with <15% damage.
What punches are the problem ?
AndreyMust19 wrote:Admin, please - return old aim-system. Now cannot accented hits, all hits is accidentally.

I'm not sure I even changed that in any way, I'll look into it.
When viewing a fight there's a few keyboard shortcuts you can use

Left/right arrow keys forwards/rewinds

Space pauses

Arrow down toggles slowmotion
Good fights Andrey. I will soon make a comeback so keep in shape
Imgond added
LOL Andrey
Its more or less back to how it was, with a few improvements.
Im uploading a new update now that should take care of these problems
Im working on something, it's not finished.
Srl vs Hagler.
Cant now will when I get home from work
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