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And yes they are too easy
But then there are novice bots. Sometimes they are amateur, some times they are novice.
There's not really any point fighting a weak bot 30 times..for what ? you should fight other players and improve slowly..then you will be ready for amateurs.
Then when you're amateur you would fight the bot and get easy Ws until you're pro ? Then you would stand no chance against "real" pros.
Can you post them in the normal format (camera 3) ? The top down format makes me seasick !
How old is your computer if I may ask ?
Let's see what happens in the future..but glad you liked the update after all.
Nice but framerate is not that high. You always play with the top camera ?..
Just try the game as it is..I havent seen you online and im pretty sure you didnt give it a real go.
If game doesn't start try to redownload from site: http://3dboxing.com/download/boxing3d.zip
Donovan"SunnyBoy"Lafall wrote:Okay. I agree about the bad update. Is there a way to downgrade? The percentages ruin the gameplay. Before, you always get you power or health back, slowly, or fastly. But now, it depletes. there is less action because power drains, and most of the punches don't even hit. If anyone knows a way to downgrade, or something, please let me know.

Andrey is not talking about this update. I dont know how you could downgrade and still play with others...In a real fight, taken punches or missing has long term effect in the fight.
OK the new update is up and running try it.
I have an update almost ready with a different stamina system, that should help a lot
Yes only ranked fights of course, not training.
Fritz added !
U quit an AM fight vs A.
This is a list of quitters that quit during a ranked fight, usually when they are way behind.
Fight these people at your own risk.
Thomaz "Goral" Adamek (pro fight)
Tomato Rojo
LayYourAssOut (he is notorious) .
Mike Tyson (35-4 am)
manny pacquiao

Please add more along the way.

THis is mine
I can't figure out what it is, sorry.
I dont now much about that but check this.
NO I dont think it has anything to do with that error. Perhaps your username don't have permission to running bat files on that computer ?
Well fighting Wimp is just the same as fighting against CPU and crash happens a lot. I know what it is and will fix it soon.
Stop leaving fights that you are losing please.
There is also "Tomasz 'goral" Adamek..he might be better then Golota
Ah cool, first thread in the history section.

My list goes as this :
1) Dread
2) Wark
3) Brute
4) W
5) Andrey
6) Golota

For a very long time only me, dread and W were the only ones who were any good at the game. It's nice to see new players getting better.
Bots ? why would it be bots ?
Try delete everything and download it again.
That doesn't make sense. You're clicking on it and then it says it doesn't exist ?
What version of windows do you have ?
I'm not sure I understand..can you send me a screenshot ?
Just doubleclick the bat file.
Both setups have its pros and cons. However there is really no need chose anyone right now since I will be working on a completely new damage/stamina system in the future.
Right now I think the quick recover/high punching power model should be used, simply because it's easier to learn and understand for noobs.
Well, I've been working on the collision/damage algorithm for the last 2-3 month. In fact it's more close to 2-3 years really, but lately I've been studying the math/geometry behind it very intensely.
This is one of the KEY aspects of the game.
That might sounds easy but in a physics game it's not hardcoded. It's depended of speed, angle of arm/force, what punch you throw..and probably many other parameters that I havent figured out yet (but will).
Finally, after a lot of trial and error, I think this should work decently well. It can always get better of course, but at least now it works if not perfect, then pretty well.
Here's a video of the new gameplay

IT should be fixed now
Ok that sounds strange I'll look into it.
Lol yes I know. It will be fixed soon as possible.
Think slowdown is fixed now
Don't mind that message, just try again when it happens. I'm still working on the slowness it will be finished soon.
It should work now sorry it took so long
I get the same error now. Fixing, hold on..
Others have this problem as well. I'm working on a solution
It works again.
I've been working on the algorithm a lot and now it works better.
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