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Messages posted by: Admin
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Rontti wrote:yeah :/ i dont understand why AndRey put its in that view, i should ask him to reupload in other view.

I asked him before, he said "yes ok I will"..
Its good but I cant watch a fight in that view ! it makes me crazy !
Those files are generated when the game exists. it's doesnt have anything to do with gamepad. But what's your problem ?
im still working on the bot. Dont worry it will get much better.
I think im too lazy for dat
Azazel quit for the 100th time after getting knock downed, then after asked "what happend ?"
I promptly added 400 losses to his record..
Maybe, but why dont you put your own ?
ur just scurd jajajaja
Get online and FITE !
Your on windows ?
You have to run ob3d.bat
Double ko !
You probably have the old version of the game. Redownload..
Dytox wrote:Technical Draw or No Contest? Beside those are the risks of playing a multiplayer game.

Whats the difference ? He still gets away with it then
Dytox wrote:A leave should result in a TKO Loss.

Problem is sometime game crashes and sometimes it lags so badly you have to quit
These things happens occasionally. I restart is often sufficient to fix it (which I did). I dont have time to fix singleplayer now, but perhaps later.
Im working on singleplayer for 3D now, and many of the concepts I use for 3D can be used for 2D, to create better bots.
I think you can get an adaptor..if you get that it should work but im not sure.
Yes I took it off because it takes too much bandwidth and it lags fights. Most dont have the upload speed for it. Could take it back and make it optional.
I use Guice for dependency injection, and it seems that it happens inside Guice somewhere.
I know, it happens sometimes..I dont know why yet.
Why ?
Nice punch, is that you Wark ? Yes need to work a little bit more on wobble.
Another name added : Thomaz "Goral" Adamek..quitted in a PRO fight, sin of all sins.
One you unpacked it, just click "boxing3d.bat".
New name added to the list, Mike Tyson (35-4 amateur).
If you noticed, there are some new punch sounds and audience sounds in the game.
I would like to thank long time OB2D player, Ryan (FundamentalySound is his player name), for providing these.
Thanks a lot, Ryan.
On numpad
Weave left:4
Weave right:6
Duck: 5
Lean back:7
Try delete all files and re install game
Good idea..I'll see what I can do
And yes they are too easy
But then there are novice bots. Sometimes they are amateur, some times they are novice.
There's not really any point fighting a weak bot 30 times..for what ? you should fight other players and improve slowly..then you will be ready for amateurs.
Then when you're amateur you would fight the bot and get easy Ws until you're pro ? Then you would stand no chance against "real" pros.
Can you post them in the normal format (camera 3) ? The top down format makes me seasick !
How old is your computer if I may ask ?
Let's see what happens in the future..but glad you liked the update after all.
Nice but framerate is not that high. You always play with the top camera ?..
Just try the game as it is..I havent seen you online and im pretty sure you didnt give it a real go.
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