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Messages posted by: Admin
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AndreyMust19 wrote:Yeeee, i really want play in new boxing simulator.
I will be spoil everywhere!

Forget about it. I will be the best !
Thanks for 2015, we had a good time and great fights !

2016 will be the year of The New Game.

There will be the the same moves so everyone here will be able to switch seamlessly.

Development is going very well and I expect it to be much much better than this game.

dev_donovan wrote:[i][i]I know this might not be boxing related, but this is insane.

The whole design and smooth gameplay of the game is really great, thank you for keeping me busy for 2 years. I was thinking about turning the boxing one, into a seperate game about martial arts (Just basically this with some extra kick functions)

The boxing is flawless, but the kicking would add a whole new dimension

-Tornado Kicks, Roundhouse Kicks, Back Spin Kicks, 540 (maybe not) and moree..._

If you are too busy on this game, I can look into possibly making it myself, if you are kind enough to let me see how the game operates BTS ( behind the scenes )

Thanks for those who read and those who care!

Let's see. New version might be able to handle what you request.
That defo has something to do with drivers or your video card. I'm not sure what really..perhaps you could try to update your drivers.
To much work ? it's pretty easy and simple.
You can do that using a joystick->keyboard mapper like xpadder.
Yep, it will be the best EVA !
Various reasons..but don't worry, the new version will have real characters.
I dont have to because im too fast !

You can't yet. But when the new version is finished you can.
It doesnt work right now with gamepad. But you can use xpadder or similar.
He is like me on OB3D, TBE !
Sorry I accidentally deleted your account while deleting spam.
They are afraid of me !
Andrey, Tomasz, Rontti, Provo ?
Rontti u suck get online and let me school you !
Get online naw bags. I want to beat up some bags !
u a bag andrey !
Where are you, get online !
Welcome to boxing anyway, I will look into these judges in the new version of the game.
Short answer..yes to all of the above.
Duck And Run is Dread.

He dont want to return because he is scared to face me.

Jajajaja !
1) Andrey
He can outbox everyone with his great defense and accurate counter punching. Boring fights but that's not what we're talking about.

2) Wark
Has strangely effective defense, despite him not moving that much. Has devastating punching power

3) Tomasz"Goral"Adamek
Best alround fighter, he can both box and mix it up. Sometimes he just doesnt care thats why he loses some fights that he shouldnt lose

4) Brute
He can beat everyone, but everyone can also beat him. Has problems figuring out if he is a boxer or a slugger.

Runner ups
I) Brutto, annoying spam, but he has his moments
2) Wilder, good boxer but still has a lot to learn
3) SDA, a future contender

And finally, would be interesting to see what Dread and Rontti could do in this environment,
Get online
Get online NAO. Im da bets.
Come online nao or are u hidiing ?
like Andrey, Adamek and Wark
Hop hop !
Its ready now
I'll try to get it ready in this weekend. For beta testing at least, then I'll fix whatever problems there are along the way.
U bag Angay
Yea ok if they also beat the next bot then I will do that.
We talk about it all the time but I deleted it, it got too much. This forum should be about other things as well even though its awesome !
Haakis wrote:I know, I just can't change it

Damn I understand what you say now. You have to scroll right, then theres a buttong called "delete" for each key.
You dont use backspace to delete (beacuse what if you wanted to use backspace in the game ?).
Hop hop
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