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Messages posted by: AndreyMust19
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Author Message
Admin wrote:Also what are the controls?

WASD - movement
Q,E, Space, Num+ - weaving
5, 8 - jabs
7, 9 - hooks

Admin wrote:The cpu dont move in local game.

he not have no AI.
Hello, bags.

Is all 100% what have.

Jabs, Hooks, Uppercuts, Weaving, Dive down
5 stances, 3 blocks, legs movements
Local game with AI-bot.
Multiplayer (by IP or with Server).
Standing knockdowns, counting
Lobby and Text Chat before and in-time fight

Gameplay limits
Smart AI-bot

You need open 25000, 25001 and 25002 ports.
Goof, but is too small
every evening, weekends.
All you bags. Why you not fighting with me?


Because you can't hit me.
Provo - coward. Escaped from 3-rd rating fight. When he get right uppercut and left hook, he's understood what is KO and quit on count 4.
I have fight-record.
Go here, bags, i overspoil you all!
I think no one want see my boring, but beautiful fights.
No-no-no, i overspoil you all, bags!
Yeeee, i really want play in new boxing simulator.
I will be spoil everywhere!
Is about OpenGL-support in game for your videocard. This error message mean what selected format of storage pixels by game in your videocard not have hardware acceleration support.

Try change color depth (32bpp or 16bpp).

Wladimir - is limited clinched spoiler, who can only 'forward-back, jab, clinch'.
Lewis - is the REAL CHAMP. He able do anything - work on long, middle, close distance, boxing, sworming, slugging, shoot one, combinations, spoil, changing tactic. And out fatty and underestimate opponent.
If you did only someone one thing, sooner or later you get enemy, with him your tactic not worked. If you able do anything and changing tactic, you can win everybody.

"I have plan A, B, C, D". Bullshit. You have only plan A, A, A, A, like your brother (Vitaly Klitschko vs Kevin Jonhson)
Clinchko CANNOT change tactic, when isn't work. Because he cannot realize someone other, then 'jab-clinch'.

4 mistakes:
1) Wlad - too slowly slowpoke, with compare Tyson Fury. He just cannot get close and hit.
2) Wrong tactic. If you not winning rounds, then you need change tactic. He all 11 rounds wanted landed left jab in head.
Clinchko changing tactic only in last 12 round, when already too late.
3) Fury constantly hiding head in his armpit, because Wlad cannot shoot uppercuts and this safe.
4) Time. You can take time if you winning fight. If you losing fight - then time working versus you. But Wlad by usual play for time and be passive, when need be active.

In result, Clinchko turned in situation own opponents. Spoiler wins spoiler.
What him need do - shoot uppercuts when enemy go clinch, get closed and work with combinations. But, Clinchko cannot able this.
1. Provodnikov
2. Tomasz
3. AndRey
4. Brute
That's not help you beat Provodnikov.
I feel few delay with action after today update. With "Play vs CPU" too.
After today update, "Play vs CPU":
at org.ob3d.jme.MainGame.enableState(MainGame.java:143)
at org.ob3d.jme.MainGame$2.action(MainGame.java:126)
at org.ob3d.jme.JMETaskQueue$2.call(JMETaskQueue.java:32)
at com.jme.util.GameTask.invoke(GameTask.java:140)
at com.jme.util.GameTaskQueue.execute(GameTaskQueue.java:111)
at org.ob3d.jme.OBStandardGame.update(OBStandardGame.java:341)
at org.ob3d.jme.OBStandardGame.run(OBStandardGame.java:212)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

HEY! Where you all? All week empty server!
All you bags, men!
Where a u bags?
Now this 'super heavyweight'-mode is amazing. Thx Brute, real smart fights.
But is more difficult for newbies. One punch - you dead.

I which to keep that 'heavyweight' mode and keep prev. mode too.
All you bags
I'm already tired of these robberies!
All time same situation: I have beating enemy all time of fight, but me periodically falling in knockdown. Fall from one punch with red low power!
something like 94-92, 94-92, 89-97

Incredible variations!
Judges 1 and 2 scores 10-8 in rounds when i dominating, but 1 time get knockdowned, instead 9-9. And judge 3 always give me victory with scores 10-9 in all other rounds.
What happens? Enemy always defend, throw weakly shots with red power line to drop me in knockdown. Fight ends, i have green health, and enemy - red and brown. And... wins ENEMY! My decision - retired 1 and 2 judges.

And HOW? HOW may knockdown with left jab without power?
Low block don't block this punch. Need to fix.
Justice is restored.
bro is ?1? Not right!
Left upper is too strong.
AI-bot can 4 throw punches in 1 second.
Power not show power of punches (can KO by one punch with amlost empty power-can)
Right cross like before been better.
Where are you, bag?
Where AI-bots on server?
First, hit me.
You can't hit me

Admin, make some normal AI-bots. I want normal boxing, without hiding my head in the pants all time.
Are you mad? That AI erase in a powder any novice!
You make my clone for training and beat me?
All you baaaaaagz!
Why you don't use uppercuts?
I suggest not increase scores after winning AI-bot, only level recovery (novice => amateurs => professional).
Me offensively seeing how bag-fighters increased on top.

Then in 100% bad connection problem.
Likely is bad internet connection. Try wait longer.
It's not happens in "Play vs CPU" mode and in fight versus AI-bot?
Vitaly Klitschko style 2

part 1

part 2

Hop, hop-hop, hop-hop!
I know, but busy. I picked a vacation at work to complete my game, sorry.
You yourself should answer this question. It's depends on what installed firewall.
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