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Messages posted by: AndreyMust19
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Suddenly KO

- So, I tell him - do right lean immediately after the attack, but he doesn't understand.
- Are you sleep or something?

I will dunk ALL. Go to the server and standing in line.
I every saturday and sunday coming at server.
Short 4 fights.

"Punches collection"

Are you want long battle or short fights?
Sorry, i no save that fight, only video.
Upload ur fight vs UA I want to see what u do.

Ducking and pray.

I capture video in real running fight, i can't constantly switch camera view. And i'm uncomfortable using other camera views, difficult throwing accurate jabs.
Last some fights.

Try delete file "controls_config.config".
Are you use restricted user account (no admin)?
Boss is AI-bot. Current AI very aggressive and pressure, but he do nothing in close distance.
In today update AI do nothing in close distance.
Nothing is impossible.

right hook + right hook = 2 knockdowns

Nice moment for exit from fight!

In last time i meet more people with bad connection. Fighting with this players - is slow-motion action. Admin, you able decrease game traffic in some next updates, and optimize transfer data?
TheSoprano, quit after knockdown and yes complained about the lag.
But now cannot set gamepad buttons in controls settings.
Is good idea, and then spectators can chat and invigorate boxers.
I think is some about unassigned variable. Just disable button "view selected fight" in beginning, and enable it after select item in list.
I find only just new bug. If press "view selected fight" in "Recorded fight..." dialog, but no select one item from list, then game crashing with message:

com.google.inject.CreationException: Guice creation errors:

1) An exception was caught and reported. Message: null
at com.google.inject.InjectorShell$Builder.build(InjectorShell.java:135)

1 error
at com.google.inject.internal.Errors.throwCreationExceptionIfErrorsExist(Errors.java:354)
at com.google.inject.InjectorBuilder.initializeStatically(InjectorBuilder.java:152)
at com.google.inject.InjectorBuilder.build(InjectorBuilder.java:105)
at com.google.inject.Guice.createInjector(Guice.java:92)
at com.google.inject.Guice.createInjector(Guice.java:69)
at com.google.inject.Guice.createInjector(Guice.java:59)
at org.ob3d.RecordedFightStateGetter.getInjector(RecordedFightStateGetter.java:23)
at org.ob3d.RecordedFightStateGetter.getRecordedFightViewer(RecordedFightStateGetter.java:43)
at org.ob3d.RecordedFightStateGetter.getState(RecordedFightStateGetter.java:26)
at org.ob3d.jme.MainGame$3.action(MainGame.java:12
at org.ob3d.jme.JMETaskQueue$2.call(JMETaskQueue.java:32)
at com.jme.util.GameTask.invoke(GameTask.java:140)
at com.jme.util.GameTaskQueue.execute(GameTaskQueue.java:111)
at org.ob3d.jme.OBStandardGame.update(OBStandardGame.java:345)
at org.ob3d.jme.OBStandardGame.run(OBStandardGame.java:216)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at org.ob3d.modules.RecordedFightModule.configure(RecordedFightModule.java:152)
at org.ob3d.modules.ViewRecordedFightModule.configure(ViewRecordedFightModule.java:47)
at com.google.inject.PrivateModule.configure(PrivateModule.java:97)
at com.google.inject.spi.Elements$RecordingBinder.install(Elements.java:223)
at com.google.inject.spi.Elements.getElements(Elements.java:101)
at com.google.inject.InjectorShell$Builder.build(InjectorShell.java:135)
at com.google.inject.InjectorBuilder.build(InjectorBuilder.java:102)
... 13 more

After that have to close window with game.
I want add what stance number 2 ("Mike Tyson") is overly disbalanced. Punches is too powerful and fast, no like in other stances.
I think need just a little decrease rate of punches in that stance.
Check you controls. Maybe you forget bind key for 'pivot_left' action. Or try reset controls (save prev controls-file before).
dog, now need necessarily leaning in shot direction to hit.
Thx, is been conflict versions.
After update (this or prev.) test version i tried go to stable version game.
With any other player i have 'Game is out of sync' problem what appear immediatly after gong. I note change list of resolutions (800x600, 1024x76 in both games, it's maybe reason?
I suggest put message about updates in 'test version' topic, no creating other topics.

What changes i see in gameplay:
1) Yes, jabs more effective.
2) Hooks and Uppers now throwing by other trajectories.
3) No groggi (stun) with low health.
4) No difference with punches from selected leg (PIVOT_LEFT and PIVOT_RIGHT)
5) Enemy boxer more difficult KOed, he often getups.

Now what good, and what bad.

1) You no increased effectivity of jabs and crosses, you decrease effectivity all other punches! Hooks and Uppers some weakly then before.
2) My left upper from down to up fly missed, now i use other combination of buttons. Disappear crossed right uppercut (see Lewis fights). Before this update i can select left leg (PIVOT_LEFT) and throw right upper with right lean in middle distance when enemy on left side from us, Result - right uppercut in chin. Now is no work.
In close distance i can't hit uppers without leans in punch direction.
3,4) Is important thing in boxing simulation.
5) ???

What i think need:

1) Power of shot need depend from speed of hand relatively victim-object (head, body) in hit moment.
2) Need test more in close battles.
3) When health < 30-40%, then boxer dive in groggi.
Current head-health level need affect to accurate of punches, speed of leans and balance saving.
Current body-health level need affect to pain, boxer will be slower moving on ring.
Maximum speed of punches need depend from power level. Leans will be waste head health (dizziness), and movements - decrase body health.
4) Need some different trajectory of punches with left and right pivot
5) ???
I suggest one thing. What you think about select stances apart for each hand?
For example i can set in controls:




then if i press '6' i set left hand in stance 6, and right hand in stance 1.
And go back stance 6 in test version, is no work, very weak punches.

More practice!
Major tip - use head before hands.
I don't fighting with AI-bots, only training (You may select "Play vs CPU" in main menu to training). I advice fight only with real players.
Ok, next time i try other camera views.
I just got used top view.
Andrey vs Wark

Andrey vs IronFist253

Andrey vs DuckAndRun

Andrey vs AndrewGolota
Admin, i decided to stop fighting, because i too often lost in fight with weak enemies.
I use this time for capture video from my best fights. Wait more videos
Nice but framerate is not that high.

I use VirtualDub. Next time i try other program.
You always play with the top camera ?..

Yes, this is the preferred mode for me. Are youI may add first-person view?
Today i upload some old fight records.

Training with CPU

Knockdowns with M

Slugfest with W (only 5 rounds)
Maybe better replace this topic in "Technical issues"?
After run update test-version (some minutes ago) i see console with text, and next... window with screen mode selection not appear, process java.exe dead. No error messages, no logs.
And stable version updated with same problem.
I see this update. Why you print percentage? Better decrease max length of lines instead. For example, with 50% green line of health can recover only to middle of indicator.
And still, lose of power does not reduce speed of punches. Anyway - need test in fight Human vs Human.
Today i meet Jango. I lose all battles because he use 'dull frontal attack' tactic. He just go to middle distance and throw only hooks in head and body. But throw no very often, only after hit previous punch. As a result - he constantly throw punches and almost no lose power. Is make this tactic very effective.

What my suggest - increase costs of punches with depends from throw-frequency.
Oh, i want create this topic. I think, need post only quiters in rating fights.

Is problem with library atioglxx.dll or OpenGL.

1) Find other version atioglxx.dll and put is in folder with java.exe (jre6\bin)
2) Run game with other color depth (24, 16), size of screen and fullscreen on/off
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