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Messages posted by: Rontti
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Author Message
Its a honor to be involved in your list.
Special thanks to you.
" A movie of 10 oscars " - Andrey

" This actionfilm deserves a medal " - blake13

" I've never seen anything like this, no im not blind " - Tomasz

" The most dramatic storyteller about honor and call of duty " - Brute

" This movie changed my life " - Bobah

" Best actors, they all deserve an oscar " - Allen " recardo " Perez

" I cant believe my eyes " - Floyd " Juanmi " Mayweather

" :O " - Artur " Provodnikov " Spilza

" Wark " - Wark " Wark " Wark

" I want to fight you both " - Dread " Erlando Morilande" Spilza

This is propably the best thing i've ever seen, funniest stuff u made.

- Ronaldo Tea " Ob3d's double time second place master on amateur and professional league at the sametime "

" Greatest movie of all time " - onlineboxing community together
ssoo many commentions
Wow, so many clicks in little time!

U are getting to get to many million subcripstions and money aajajaj money 1000 milion money eajajaj4
put ads and u million mansion clickings aajajaj!
I see, is this little hard for communication, if u have to get access from you?
Or does it include only this topic?
Not there, but here.
Where is everybody ? Come online !
You may be right. I am not sure 100 what i tought . Maybe it was like the feeling about ping all the time. And when it got high much i saw a change to quit a high pinged game and stop the scaredom about the lucky gaming. I think it was like this.i may be done wrong i dont decline it. Not tho that much i remember in the quited fight you been about winning with a 70% something around it was r 3. If i dont remember wrong. Not bad i thought. If it would have been in last round would be more kinda shit
and to give one more point, theres no fight where i quit just for scaring to lose cause of my " gaming skills "
that one was only for the high lagg rising and scaring about losing for luck
Just Peace and Love guys
the most serious and maddest Period of the ob3d history is this period here --> .
But cause you got so mad , and didnt want to even try to understand my perspective, you need to take
the n.1 place just beating me up 3-4 times without me doing nothing. So you can feel the first place and how serious
winner and game it is, as you said i dont deserve it. And if you somehow dont want to take the nr.1 Place after this
you will evidence that my quitting was reasonable.
and to be honest, just dont get the point having a fight where its not about technics or reflects or anything,
when the lagg goes about 300 to me its about luck, cant do nothing for the aiming or anythin.
but youll have your 1st place, if you have now balls to take it after writing that im not mad
or anything, happy if the first place makes someone happy, only good. i made mistake
by quitting, to be technically correct , when i accept fight with you i accept the lagg,
but as i said it got little too high during game.
you can hav the first place if you want to, i dont give anything about it dont be mad guys, this post was joke , quitting was just about the ping what started to get a bit too high, maybe too some scaring to lost , but tell me the time , you will have your first place. And apologies for the quitting.
Then everyones happy.
I use your asses as a broom and wipe the ground with it, thats the only thing i do.
The only and one thing in here...

brace yourselves, the mop master is on his way,
and he is going to find you..
and hes hands are looking for wiping..
hard times are on..
so are the ground..

Hide your asses
You may be the next.
~ This message is meant to every1 who plays ob3d. ~

-Rontti "supermopgroundwiper1000"
I have better computer this weekend , where are you everyone ? cmon .
come to play.
I suck, but i dont suck as much as you xD
Hard to find this training session, but i decided to reupload the link here again, if anyone havent seen this yet. Im the orange one .

lol ? brute ? hell no.
that was great fight !
that i have seen many times like i punch and land it to head, but it doesnt make harm
Good point, i have noticed same thing Candy Andy
" uppercuts " xD
Wooow, the new update ! I LIKE IT , nice !
nah, actually gameplay is ok, but needs to learn again
and the aiming system is different you cannot anymore aim forself the punches that style what you could before.
now the aim is more automatic ?
update screwed gameplay, i cannot play anymore. And my style has gone. Rip ob3d
theres not my style anymore ? :OO
Slowmotions ? Nice !
Big thanks to uploading it in that angle ! Nice fight ! Yes. Big thanks.
that was breakdance show by Andrey Ft. Rontti
try running as administrator the boxing.bat
you sure he didnt hit you even little bit to head ? if the hook hits like even little bit to head it makes damage.
it would be amazing , if someday here would be skins again !
that cant be me ((NOOOOOOOOOOoUUU
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