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Messages posted by: Rontti
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Author Message
fite fite brute
how long takes, im here this day so evening ?
come fitee all
by the way, are you checked my new video in youtube ? you can find it from that your article named " my fight videos " last one.
aaaa.. i dont know, just were talking about that with wark, he agreed me , so i just tought that would it have been " edited " but if its not i was just imagining, or i just ko everyone too much with 1 punch. XD , haha joking, but good if its not.
im i just imagining, or can nowadays almost anyone 1 K.O really easily ? you dont need to do like anything with weaves just need to good hit and thats it, few months ago it needed perfect weave and timing to 1 shot K.O .. If its not my imagining its really bad update. :/ like everyone can be best
Yoo, theres some short fight between me and LoL, just for testing to upload some fights and theres some good parry in this video. enjoy.

OH, now its working ! come to fight
Can anyone other play in online ?
Yeah, me too. Is the server down or what ? when i open game and type my account and try to Log In, it happens nothing.
you are welcomed to try. : )
Ok, good to know . I see most of us are here at weekend
Hey ! i have thinked something that what if we could choose one day from some weekend, when everyone would try to come here?
some good time and day, and everyone could fight against who ever would want. What you think all ?
mikkel nao fite
all come fight
Rontti's online now for a while. so come
Welcome to try sir.
This is mine. -==oo0(Sleepwell)0oo==-
Byäääää * cries *
Please re-upload that our fight what you have allready uploaded named " Andrey vs Rontti 1 " i really wanna see that fight in camera view 3, so please,
you can capture it again in that 3 view while looking it in Replay section ? O_o but i really hope to see that, could you do it. Nothing other i dont need.
I didnt record that fight so i hope you can do that.
i will upload my and UA fight, but it takes, i have work, no time at computer and im not in that computer for a while where is that fight so you need to wait it.
how to ?
camera vies 3. then i would love to watch those fights. mine and yours 1 and 2 , reupload them at that camera 3 view. please. if you will, thanks then.
AndRey, pls, reupload them at other view. its too unclear.
why would you not upload one of our great fights M ? we had nice fights. it would be nice to have one of them in youtube, i would upload but i really do not know how.
yeah :/ i dont understand why AndRey put its in that view, i should ask him to reupload in other view.
theres my fights:





Times have changed Golota.
Azazel really is the funniest player here, he wants to keep his third place in top 10 pro , and leaves all fights he is losing, its funny because he thinks its cool to be third, but in reality he doesnt deserve that place at all, and even cant TAKE that place, cause he cant win almost anyone, but the reason he has that place is that he just leaves all fights what he is losing. haha..
Come to fight im online now.
So are you going to put them Brute ?
and im too lazy to do that
simple answer. i dont know how. D
Brute can you put to youtube more fight videos, i like to watch them there. Put some good fights there ? best of your. It would be nice to watch.
Sir, i will kick your ass as soon as possible, mr. Brute. And bring your moderator ass to graveyard.
man, i cant, im in my other house and at this computer this game doesnt work
How you doing mans/girls ? or whatever here is.
Brute, come to fight me now
Hahaha i remember that
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