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Messages posted by: juan martin "elproblema"
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Author Message
the judges gave the fight to the man in red, who won? i wanna hear opinnions
https://youtu.be/MLCbUXGKuxU Enjoy it
you only can see it with the links
Its been a looooong road, finally champ... YOU ARE THE CHAMPION OF THE OB3D
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyYr4RooA78 coment what ko did you liked more?
the next video will be only kos!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLWljQYLKys check out and share for more players in this game!
BUT the thing is that i already ko you and then was beating you up and you landed that lucky right jab that ko on the luckiest way, when the count started i didnt quit. on the 3rd fight i was beating you up and cause you didnt land anything and you quit on the 5 round. if you was wining im sure thath you wouldnt quit. thats my point when you are winning you dont care too much about the ping huh? just when you loose
haha i was playin too champ, all this is just a game
ye ye, i have the pleasure to introduce some friends that want to start on this and signed with me. right now im declared retired from 3dboxing, there is so much corruption in here (quitin bitches and wimp records) and now its time to help these young fighters
"chupetin" record novice w:24 l:2 ko:15 d:0. sick sharp upercut
"ricky conlan"record novice w:4 l:4 ko:1 d:0 brick hands
"trouble" amateur record w:0 l:0 ko:0 d:0
tomorrow its the fight between these young bulls (chupetin)vs (ricky conlan) in argentina tune in!
you are the pussiest man, you dont deserve your rank. i will never fight you again quitin bitch
GOLDEN GREAT fought every fight in his amateur background against wimp and when he turned pro he created another account and fought his own ass, he is 9 and 0 9kos lol against strikeman, THE SAME GUY 9 times. when he is online dont want to fight. im training my ass up every day to be the number 1 and this scumbag came here and he is rank 1?
ooh cmo listen to this kid, you can get it, i will teach you some things. you will be my little girlfriend
why you do dat chemp? cmo chemp dont do dat, you know what im talking about the champs dont do those things....
im agree with fuelassemblies but the leter shift (or another ) can be used as a changer of the way you can lean/duck.
the physics now looks like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLSw21r7YyM
The dificult can change on numbers of punches or a granite chin/glass chin of bot
not to preassing the admin i been asking too much lol but when nobody is online i always sayed that the bot/cpu in a sparring match throws just few punches per round, i want some toe to toe action lol but the bot always throw littles punches. im thinkin in levels of dificulty like easy medium and hard. some really tought levels. i dont know if you can make that lol but that will be the best idea to me
what im tryng to explain is the pull back and counter leaning foward whit a punch manipulating the distance
yes but is not the same because the punching range has lowed. with the past duck you can lean foward with the punches
coz some beatiful moves will be over like the pull back counter
yes you have reason lol, but i mean... that exist regrettably in the boxing world so the game have to go that way, i think. if you are a good fighter you can step back when the chicken ducks and throw an upercut. but the 2 ways of ducks are well, the actually form of duck work for an a amateur fight. you have to put the 2 ways of duck there, i dont saying that is bad now but if i had to choose one i would pick the old duck
i dont know if is a new update but, why the lean foward change? before was the most reallistic way. if you pay attention, nobody, no boxer lean down like that (just with legs ). it means less reach too. idk just opinion
"calzage" "mosley" fucking cowards..
luckiest punch ever seen
yeeaah thats what im talking about.in the game you can choose the color of the skin/gloves/short/boots etc? that will be good.
what kind of chances exist to play 3dboxing on android? man i think thats gonna be huge! maybe in there 3dboxing became more famous.
3dboxing on phones is my only goal
i injured my hand training 3db. yeye this sport can be dangerous sometimes... you can play soccer but cant play 3dboxing anyway man what happend this week?, i was waiting to fight some guy, i was thinking "now im pro baby, everybody gonna fight me" but the pro life its dificult, too much interviews, but the server its full of amateurs and novices.
sorry ma men, but i NEVER QUIT!!. if you can see my record i loose my 2 first battles. my internet goes down. i dont liyng. let me do this.. give me a rematch and i will throw no punches. i let you win. im a true champion like i said. i apologize for that bruh
I cant wait!, anyways always telling the people to play this.this deserves more recognition. keep workin bro!
Mark my words.. i will be the next champion of the world and the next LEGEND of this. im willing to die in the arena, i been training for so long. im not a fake champion, just turned pro and im ready to go baby. im the erislandy lara of 3dboxing.
man i was build for this, you know. i like the smell of the 3d gloves... im from argentina. introducing Juanmi (juan martin) "JS10" salvia!!
im ready baby.
i guess that every fake champion here wont gonna give me a chance cuz i have some little lags.
SO WHAT? if you are the best in this you got to be willing to fight in every circunstance. so if you see the challange LETS GET IT BABY
stop duckin!
im gonna be so good that the admin will have to pay me for fights!
im making a youtube channel for you to see my beatiful skills to learn something baby
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