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Messages posted by: Bobah86
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Author Message
Probably it will be ready in the beggining of August
Ronnti is the best! Let's go champ
Where you at buddy? I hope you will see video content that I prepared. It's all for you. For you legendary legacy
Guys, don't let mental issues to overcome your mind. This is a message to guys suffering mental disorders. Everything is okay, I prayfor you. You guys are the best. Remember that everything is fine. Life could be much worse but it is not that bad. God bless you
Ronald, you are my favorite type of tea, thank you. I hope you are fine
okay, okay but you'd better brag about your real fights, cause you're really good IRL. But this thing with alternative account just make no sense from my point of view
I don't think we gonna box soon anyway cause I gonna disappear from the internet for 1year in 2 days. Compulsary recruitment in army. anyway it's way too laggy so I would not play in any case
Just saying it's kinda of not legitimate topic calling yourself best amateur while being already pro I can make alt account too trying to beat your record. And then I will say "hey look at me, I am the best!" But I don't think it's a fair thing to other players
I really would like to box with you if connections is better. It would be extremely interesting fight
sorry, my "a" ain't working
nice job doing ?ll those st?tistics. I will give some comments th?t I think ?re import?nt to mention:
1: When I h?d turned ?m?teur there were not th?t much ?m?teurs to pl?y with ?nd I h?d consit?nt high winr?te in tr?inings ?g?inst current pro's ?lre?dy. So I did not see ?ny re?son to compete with ?m?teurs ?nymore, it would be just ? cherry picking. Th?t's the re?son I've boosted myself through wimp. I could of m?ke ?ltern?tive ?ccount if title of best ?m?teur would be my go?l but why ? It would be ? dirty move ?g?inst re?l ?m?teurs
2. trouble fought ex pro in ?m?teurs so we c?n just comp?re our records (pro record included) over?ll. If we expect th?t ju?nmi ?nd trouble ?re s?me peroson (just my thoughts, I don't try to judge ?nd expose ?nybody) it me?ns, th?t trouble ?lre?dy h?d profession?l boxing skills ?nd it w?s kind? of cherry picking to fight ?ll those ?m?teurs (excepting demoted pro). So I don't think this st?tistics c?n be c?lled legitim?te. Trouble w?s ?lre?dy ? pro in 2016 in this c?se.
3. I like Provodnikov too, his h?d kind? simill?r style to mine but utilized less clinch. It's s?d th?t he does not compete ?nymore
4. ?lso I h?ve ?nother st?tistics for you. Wh?t will you s?y ?bout 23 wins in ? r?w ?g?inst re?l pro guys ? 22 title defenses. I 'm retired to th?t point until somebody be?ts th?t so I will h?ve motiv?tion to come b?ck
5. ?nd I don't underst?nd why would s?y ?bout losing wimp if we don't count fights ?g?inst wimp. Is it just to m?ke those look b?d ?
yeah, that new game
really looking forward to test it
That's okay dude!
I appreciate what you did. Even with all those little moments, even it lack some mechanics, environment, skins and etc. this game is still the greatest and most realistic boxing game I've ever played and I've being playing it like 7 years.
And I use all these stuff too (excepting right cross spam but I don't feel like I need it, doing okay without it) clinching, movement... So I don't feel myself robbed
Nice game, comrad
First of all, I'd wanted to say I don't blame anyone, everyone plays as he wants, it's just game mechanics, what to do
1) Straght punches.
Straght are kinda broken in this game, sometimes jabs and cross do some absurd damage when they should not do. Like light jab from close distance without forward step, just a flick of the arm and it deals damage for a half or full hp sometimes. And the right cross. For some reasons it's does not lose its stiffnes while a boxer tired or was tagged. Some people (not calling names, not blaming anyone) just rely on right cross spam while being hurt or tired
2) Hitboxes.
too much spine and back of the head damage. Even when I feel that I am covered up well and do headmovement pretty well, sometimes I get just unavoidable damage to my back. Of course no referee, no rules.
3) No Movement speed penalty.
Tired boxer moves as fast as fresh one. Some people ( not calling names, not blaming anyone) just go in, waste all energy on sluggish combinations, then circle around with no movement speed penalty for being tired, and back firing some right crosses (cause that punch is strong even on zero stamina somehow).
a) wild combinations on all stamina
b) move around, throw some right cross
c)regaining stamina for more wild combinations
d) Repeat.
Sometimes I can't reach them even with cutting angles, and my counter offense sometimes is broken by zero right cross to the face. I've being training for myselfs IRL and I know how i's exausting to moveback while being tired.
4) awkward clinch.
5) Allen
I don't usually pay attention to all of this stuff, but when you try to play on result it annoys a little.
Nevertheless, the game is greatest boxing game. I really enjoyed my time in it. Thank you Brute and all my opponents for such beautiful expirience.
did anyone have 19 win streak as a pro in history of ob3d (except GOLDEN GREAT abusing alter accounts) ? if no, then I am finally done with my mission at ob3d.
I don't try to brag about it just want to know my goals
I've maden a discord channel for ob3d community so it will be easier to communicate and call each other out for online in there
Join, people
As for me I think Wilder looked slow in this fight like he was already tired from the very begining. Like he was working all the night before the fight somewhere carring some bags with sand or whatever. He did not had that snap in his strikes, he was slower and he was exausted pretty early but he always had much better conditions as I remember. It looked like he was ill/poisoned/already tired. I've heard he gained some muscles, 9 kilos or something about that. Maybe that was the thing, like he lost his perfect balanced bodyshape, golden mean. What do you think, guys ?
From the other side, Tyson looked great tho. Aggresive, confident, fast. I liked clinch game a lot. Perfect game plan for him
that sailor has returned from the sea and hungers fresh blood. He already took top 1 in amateurs and continiues to destroy absolutly everybody. Will you be brave enough to challenge him ?
If for some reason you want to rewatch "Ko and knockdowns compilation 2018" you should know, that it was blocked
I will change soundtrack to another with no author rights later, so it can be available again
P.S. to be honest, I thought that I can use this kind of music in non commercial projects but I was mistaken. They can block you even in this case
I don't know how that can anyhow hurt those authors but whatever. That's their choice and I respect their rights
yeah really funny detail
Top 2 for you both at amateurs and pro xD
Dread Erlando Morilande Spilza xDDD
So many nominations it's such an honor for me, Mister Ronald Tea
I appreciate you.
Half of the montage was made in drunk condition on New Year holidays.
most dominating Amateur champion called out his master, that was current pro champion named Bobah. Fight of the century. Slugfest that all fans of the sport anticipated
Thanks to authors of this video: Bobah Boxing Club; Bobah867 studio; Bobah Pictures Fox; Bobah Company; Bobah Brothers; 20th Bobah Fox;
Special Thanks to all Bobah Boxing Club members:
Ricardo Perez
Lil HedgeHog
Ronald Tea
Tomasz "Goral" Adamek
Tike "IheTron" Myson

There was some kind of server restart and a lot of fight records disapeared
put ads

I'll put my balls on your 4head, Ronnttea

scary mothafaka, ex dominant amateur champion (pre server record drop). I am proud to have that little monster in my club (Bobah Boxing Club)
When he connects they fall. He also left a message to another boxer. Watch all these stuff on YouTube
I am back
I've done my studing. Now I am free for a while
Looking forward to spar with smb
try download and reinstall
I have everything working
Is there any way to put skin on these guys ?
I usually do left hook pull counter and it works great from the stance that is binded on "W" key with default controls and right cross as well
Southpaw would be interesting
Also it would be so great to see some kind of leaps to land leaping shots and to close distance with your opponent fastly ( pretty often you just can't reach your opponent while he is backing up being hurt even while cutting the angles). Of course leaps should reduce your stamina a bit
I have some ideas about the game. I hope you will accept them and then establish
1) damage to parietal parts of skull should be reduced (if it possible to do in the game engine) I mean top of the head especially with jabs ( jab overall should be nerfed. It oneshots a lot or does really significant damage)
2) There should be bots with different AI difficulties (Novice/Amature/Pro)
Extra ideas
1) body strikes should exaust opponent
2) leaps (to make leaping left hook for example)
3) map with punching bag
4) skins
thanks for attention
whoops, it was posted twice for some reason
Coached by Bobah young aggressive prospect from Mexico that ragdolls everyone on his way. The Future of Boxing. His blood lust is second to none. He always improves his skills and wants to compete with the best fighters. He left a message in this video to Andrey. Dude... you better run away !
Coached by Bobah young aggressive prospect from Mexico that ragdolls everyone on his way. The Future of Boxing. His blood lust is second to none. He always improves his skills and wants to compete with the best fighters. He left a message in this video to Andrey. Dude... you better run away !
thx !
while accepting challenge there is only black screen in there for some reason.
nice. Shoulder roll looks cool and it's good video overall
I can't log in. What's happening?
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