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Messages posted by: Bobah86
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Actually, I think I'm taking a long break. I defeated every creature on the planet. I am the strongest man out of 8 billion people. I am the best. I absolutly annihilated prospect Tike Myson that was crushing everybody on his path. I destroyed Ihe Tron both in boxing and wrestling.Reclamation has ended. The king is on rest now. Until I'll come back become a more worthy opponents to me. I stand before you the matle of responsibility for all things belongs to me. I'll let you grow blossoms
Oh and also he relies on his head movement skill more than on blocking. Just like you, Ronnti
"old pro"
He did not tell me that. I guessed tho when I had saw the replays.
I don't know about his humor sense because we did not talk that much. He told me some strange stuff that I did not even understand with google translator.
Mike Tyson ? I don't see any logical chain here. It can not be so
How do you think who is that guy Tike "IheTron" Myson?
It is really interesting person that'v appeared in the game recently.
He keeps sending me replays how he absolutly annihilates every opponent in front of him and is asking me to make a highlight about him.
I analyzed quite a lot of his replays. And I found this person extra interesting.
Obviously he is not a novice. Only guy he lost in novices is wimp. It was his first fight. I don't know how could lose to wimp but shit happens whatever.
Obviously he is not even on amateur lvl.
I would say he is on top tier pro lvl.
He absorbed a lot of elements from other guys. I find this somewhat interesting
He has nearly as deadly right cross as Ronnti has. A lot of out cold KO's with that punch
He does same combination as Andrey does. That right cross feint into left uppercut to the body. Really successful combination in his hands.
He likes to destroy opponent's body as Andrey does. And he fights in stance #6 (with hands down) as Andrey sometimes does
And cause he has joined to bobah boxing club I presented him my controls. So he can do some stuff that I do
But He is not both of these guys AndRey and Ronnti he has bunch of replays with them. He has replays with Floyd also. And blake13 as well. And he is not novice and amateur for sure (of course he can be some kind of prodigy). So who is here?
I have couple hypothesis
1) There was such guy as Vaszbasz . He always was fighting with hands down and I did not see him for quite a lot time
2) yuska, Allen, FistofLife. He just does not have replays with them.
What do you think, guys?
fuuuu ! The title was alredy taking, like really ? xD I will come back on 9th January and will deal with this mess. Be ready bums!
2-0-0 undeafeted... 2-0-0 no excuses
I am top 1 pro now. It was hard hard path. I left a graveyard of dead bodies behind me. 6 years of exausting hard work. Blood and sweat. Step by step. Closer and closer. That's the price you pay for the gold beauty piece on your waist. The belt of the champion. I had back and forth succsses in novice carier. Good winrate at amateurs. And 100% winrate at pro. 2-0-0 mother fuc*ers. The king is here.
I want to thank my long-time sparring partner Ricardo Perez. My apprentices Lil HedgeHog, dogfight etc. And other member of Bobah Boxing Club Ronnti, Tike Myson, Brute
The time is now. Look at my acts as you will... But you can not doubt the reality. My reigning is now. And nobody will take it.
It was a test as well
I am glad it makes people laugh
Those tests though
this psychological test was hard to pass. I almost feeled physical pain. Right where clavicula connects to duodenum
BBC ! let's go!
Oh w8... you are trolling god dam
What?! are you kidding me? Who was able to beat your ass so hard to make you retire?
Come on... you should not bring such sad news in the day like that
Hey ob3d boxing community ! Happy New Year!
I made an extra tutorial for this day
( I was making him since 2018th)
I wish all boxing community to stay in this game as much as you can and to reach highest possible result !( beating everybody excepting me)
I also want to congratulate Bobah Boxing Club and all member of the club: Lil HedgeHog, DogFight, Tike "IheTron" Myson ( new one), Ronnti, Ricardo " Berserker" Perez !
I truly believe it will be a productive year for all of us!
I wish more windmilling and quits for Allen, stronger bodyshots for AndRey, dealing 200% hp damage without having stamina for Ronnti.
Admin, Brute, my guy. Thank you for such great game!
Happy New Year to everybody !
Only thing I regret that I will kill you too early before I can satisfy enough with your torment
Message was edited 13 times xDDDDDDDDDDDD
I will edit your face more than 13 times. Trust me.
Happy New Year btw
(It will not be happy for you to be your ass kicked tho)
New ob3d... I feel goosebumps in my stomach when I read this.
Or maybe it's Andrey bodyshots consequences... dam
you should not run from me to other game Come on
It means your head gonna hit the canvas much earlier. It will be bouncing like a basket ball
I think I'll come back a little bit earlier. 9th January probably for two weeks
let's talk here. Are you scared ? don't be scared homie
you can relax your asses until I am on holidays
undefeated beast from the east
just bad internet, no excuses
2-0-0 no excuses
I moved to other town with bad internet for a month (university holidays). I'll continue working on different videos though. See you in February
no excuses
I am a professional now. Hide your asses, coz Beast is coming for you! *Argh!!!!*
Refreshed. Now There is a Right Cross Tutorial in it.
AndRey, yep. All those things are in my plans.
I run my own list of tutorials on my secondary channel on YouTube. Novices and amateurs can find some useful information there. Pro's can watch this too and give me some suggestions if you want. Now it has only 4 tutorial videos but I will keep working on them. There will be more

Cause he is the greatest
Agree with Rontti. Yuska left me without 2 extra wins in my record.
Ricardo Perez said:" I don't enjoy boxing now, my body can not handle this anymore, I hang up the gloves".
Ricardo had short but beautiful carrier. Aggressive, combustible slugger that competed with high level fighters ( Allen, Andrey, blake13, Allen, Ronnti, etc.). He lost his desire to fight though.
Let's wish him good luck and good health in his retirement.
Farewell, my apprentice...
nice! thx
Unfortunately, it did not help
P2P server could not be started
I don't know why but since end of Summer I can't fight anyone excepting Andrey and Ronnti. Other guys have same problem. Maybe server restarting will help ? I did not change anything in settings of my computer. Something works wrong now
I can fight only with Ronnti and Andrey
It happend after server was restarted I guess
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